Vince & Associates Clinical Research


Vince &Associates Clinical Research was founded by Brad Vince in 2001 and is recognized by the global pharmaceutical and biotech industry as a leading provider of early phase clinical development. Vince & Associates is also recognized as a Center of Research Excellence for its Physician Research Model® of operation.

With fifteen years of research excellence, Vince & Associates focuses on delivering quality research data with speed and accountability, as well as providing comprehensive safety and security features.

The Clinical Pharmacology Research Unit, which opened in 2011, was designed and built to provide the industry with research data that not only allowed for earlier drug development decisions but also advance drugs to the market. The Clinical Pharmacology unit was designed to appear as an upscale, boutique hotel – with accommodations that ensure optimum volunteer recruitment, safety and retention. The 100-bed research unit features 20-inch touch-screen entertainment systems at bedside, allowing study volunteers to watch TV and movies, browse the web or play video games. In addition, the facility has an in-house movie theater and game room. The individually-themed luxury research suites set a new standard in early development trials. The controlled-access unit also features a USP 797-compliant biosafety cabinet and full-time pharmacy staff.

The Clinical Pharmacology Research Unit Expansion, which is scheduled to open in January 2016, will allow Vince & Associates to offer additional specialty services to sponsors. The new unit will feature a specialty unit for early QT evaluation modified to minimize cardiac monitoring interference, a level 5 pharmacy, controlled ventilation smoking rooms, a limited access unit to sequester special populations, expanded recruitment center and additional beds.